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3 Platforms, Endless Possibilities


mcRED – 99% Original

mcRED is a Pay Per View platform designed for the trendy and sleek audience who loves to carry their entertainment where ever they go.

The Platform delivers quality and original video content to a wider audience in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Contents available comprise Movies, Series, Skits, Comedy, Music Videos, Dance Videos, Rare Sports Shows + More

Dkidz Africa – Safe Contents For Kids

Ghana’s Media and Entertainment space are sadly filled with contents way above the consumption or enjoyment of children.

In fact, No program or content gets released without adult-rated materials, subliminally embedded in its scenes.

For several years, children in Ghana and Africa have been left in the dark when it comes to entertainment.

Most parents have had to resort to acquiring adult content disguised as appropriate for children, and this is a contributing factor to the moral degradation we see on the continent in recent times.

This is what Dkidz Africa seeks to change one content at a time with the creation of Ghana’s First and only platform that delivers high-quality PPV contents curated for children of Ghana, Africa, and Diaporians.

Contents available comprise of movies, series, skits, music videos, dance videos + more

Happy Christo – Better Souls 4 Life

Happy Christo is your go-to platform, if you looking for quality and engaging content for religious communities.

It provides strictly GOSPEL and SOCIAL related contents devoid of nudity, foul language, violence, sexually suggestive videos and more.

This platform has zero-tolerance for negativity and one hundred percent tolerance for positivity.

Get inspired and engaged in a new world of original + exclusive gospel related contents in Movies, Series, Skits, Comedy, Music Videos, Dance Videos, Rare Sports + More

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