Social media sensation and Actress Moesha Babiinoti Buduong has confessed and promised never to sleep with any man again until God gives her her own man. on monday, Social media was hit by a video shot and uploaded by a mechanic who saved The Actress from comitting suicide.

In the video, Moesha Babiinoti Budoung makes a lot of cofessions to sleeping with a lot of men for money and its something she will not do again. She advised a lot of young girls to stop selling their bodies for money and also calls on them to give their life to Jesus Christ.

Before this incident, Moesha Babiinoti Budoung had gone to church to give her life to christ. In that previous video. She also confessed to sleeping with men and pleaded to all the girls she has pimped to influential men whose only motive in life is to sleep with girls like them.

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes |



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