September 26, 2022

Over 11,000 International Criminal gangs who perpetuate all sorts of Criminal activities ranging from contract killings, Human trafficking, Sexual abuses, Child pornography, Drug transitting, smuggling and other extreme illegal activities have been marked for arrest by The Australian Federal Police, The FBI and their counterparts in New Zealand, Sweden and USA..

According to Officials of FBI and The Australian Police Force, this massive clamp Down was made possible by the use of ANOM Messaging app. Apparently, the Criminals were tricked into thinking that this app is highly encrypted and therefore makes it impossible for anyone or any security organisation to dig into their criminal activities. Little did they know that ANOM app was actually developed, designed and monitored by the Australian Federal Police in partnership with the FBI.

For over three (3) years, this app run on over 10,000 smart phones secretly distributed by the FBI and used by these criminals. This enabled the APF/FBI to monitor intercept over 20 million messages.

Operation Trojan Shield, as it was called by the FBI has really proved successful and disrupted organised crime around the world. So far over 800 arrests has been made. over 148 million USD in cash has been seized, including Drugs, about 50 high grade weapons and some 70 Kingmakers and Global Crime Influencers have been arrested.

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes |


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