At exactly midnight of 1st may 2023, all screen writers at Hollywood, under the Screen Writers Guild of America are going on an indefinite strike. According to them they keep losing revenue everyday especially due to the advent of streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon prime. These writers say the streaming companies as well as the production houses keep getting richer and richer while they keep getting poorer and poorer.

Now team mcBLOG decided to dig a bit deeper to really find out what is making them threaten to go on strike at a time a lot of shows is dependent on these writers.

  1. Reduction in Pay : According to the writers, instead of seeing a rise in their pay, rather their pay has reduced by 4% over the years, according to them the reason for this is due to the fact that what they used to earn as residual income when any show they scripted gets a rerun for TV or Cinema has totally reduced with streaming services.
  2. Shrinking of workforce : A lot of studios these days have cut the number of writers commissioned to write a series or shows and by so doing a few writers have to work longer hours for meager pay.
  3. Assurances : In addition to their request they ask that their employers and contractors must assure them that they shall not be replaced by Ai systems like chatGPT, Google Bard, Ernie, writesonic and all there is to come.


So here we are gradually drifting towards what we call a chaotic impending doom of an Ai Apocalypse, as predicted by some movies made from Hollywood and Bollywood. These shows had long predicted that machines will take over the human race. May be the Universal Basic Income (UBI) must come sooner than predicted by the pushers of futurism and what is to come.

These writers are more worried about number three than the other two because there will come a time where their talent and craft which they have toiled for so many years to acquire will no longer be needed by the studios anymore. believe it or not, let the nay sayers doubt this assertion but it will surely happen.

The likes of chatGPT, Google Bard, Ernie, writesonic and all upcoming Ai chatbots and human language models are changing the way scripts are generated and it’s a cause for worry.

The handlers of these Ai tools should consider the plight of all these human talents and “tread with caution”

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes |


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