Alphabet’s Google has been fined more than a quarter of a billion dollars by the Antitrust Watchdog of France. After the fine, Google has accepted the push to make changes to their online ad practices.

A probe by Frances Antitrust Watchdog revealed that, the Mountain View Company, Google based in California seriously abused it’s market power in the provision of advertising services to online advertisers.

France’s antitrust Watchdog chief Isabelle de Silva said ” This decision to sanction Google is of particular significance because it’s the first decision in the world focusing on the complex algorithmic auction processes on which the online ad business relies,”.

The 220 million euros ($267.48 million) fine imposed on Google is intended to rebalance the power and never ending struggle over online ads in favour of publishers.

This move by France, creates an opportunity for publishers who feels disadvantaged to seek damages from Google. In recent times, so many publishers have expressed their dissatisfaction over ad practices used by tech giants.

The fine was reduced because of the settlement, but she did not give specifics.

A Google spokesperson didn’t immediately reply to a request seeking comment. The watchdog said Google will not seek to appeal the authority’s decision in court.

The watchdog said it had accepted these commitments and that they were binding in its decision. The case follows a complaint by News Corp., French news publishing group Le Figaro and Belgian press group Rossel.

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