Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale who is noted for his tough ways of handling issues about him has swallowed the humble pie after Kevin Taylor blasted him a few days ago.

US-based Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor a few days ago on his ‘With all Due respect extended version’ show blasted Ghanaian celebrities for being silent on the government.

According to the presenter, celebrities are the reason why most Ghanaians are suffering because they can’t speak out and criticize the government hence everyone is suffering.

On his show, he explained that in some countries like the United States celebrities are championing a worthy cause but in Ghana, all they know is to slay and flaunt their riches and engage in unnecessary fights.

In the case of Shatta Wale, he questioned why the musician was quick to offer support to other countries but failing to do the same in his own country.

Well, we believe Shatta Wale after watching the video of Kevin Taylor blasting him together with other celebrities took to his social media and shared.

“Kelvin Taylor??? I love that guy ??? Bossu blast us all, Ghana needs that ???????????????”

See screenshot below:Shatta Wale

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