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Friday, the 14th of January 2022 will always have two memories for the people of Peki. One is the Funeral and Burial Ceremony for the late Robert Ata Tsigbey Dei Tutu, who hails from Peki in the Volta Region of Ghana. Two is the Official Bike Race Event organised in honour of his memory, by his son and family members.

The Event, which saw a 6KM racing route by riders from Vida’s Cycling Program and all other enthusiastic riders from the region was such a happy moment to be experienced by all inhabitants of Peki and it’s surrounding towns.

Routes earmarked for this maiden edition, which covered 6KM in total started from Peki-Blengo Roundabout through Dzogbati, Wudome, Agbate, Ababio Street, Thomas Schuring Street, Vincent Ayer Street and back to Peki.

According to his son Edward Kwasi Dei Tutu, their reason for choosing this route was for one single reason: his father, even at age 90, still loved to ride his bicycle through the street from Peki-Blengo to Agbate and back. it is this same routes, all competing cyclists were made to ply and by so doing, they have succeeded in recreating his father’s memory.

Edward Kwasi Dei Tutu

Son of Late Robert Ata Tsigbey Dei Tutu

The Event took place successfully with Edem Ahiable, alias Gedeme placing first for the Male category..

For the female category, Eleven (11) year old Ameworlor Augustina from Vida’s Cycling program placed first, Followed by Kutiame Belinda and Adelase Mary who placed second and third respectively. All participating Cyclist were awarded medals and Tshirts embossed with the images of the late Robert Ata Tsigbey Dei Tutu. Race were given cash prize awards to encourage others to work harder next time.

The Memorial Bike Race Competition was initiated and funded by Edward Kwasi Dei Tutu, First son to the late Robert Ata Tsigbey Dei Tutu and organised in consultation with Vida’s Cycling Program from Apegusu in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Team mcBLOG and mcRED also caught up with Peki’s only Uni-Cyclist, Emmanuel Bygone who granted us a lengthy interview.

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The Memorial Bike Race Event was also supported by The Ghana Police Service, The National Fire Service and Ghana’s National Ambulance service departments from the Volta Region. They provided Security, Protection, Directions and health support respectively which contributed immensely to the success of this event. Also stationed strategically at vantage points throughout the route where Nursing Assistants whose job was to provide first aid and healthcare to cyclists in case they got injured.

Team mcBLOG and mcRED were Official media partners to this historic event.

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