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On the 10th of November 2020, Ghanaians awoke to a shocking revelation on almost every blogging platform, including the so called sanctimonious ones publishing an expose by a Ghanaian social media user, who listed on his social media page, 21 locations within the greater Accra region where prostitution takes place.

As if that was not enough, the user went ahead to include in his expose prices charged at those locations. Within One hour, the words “Ashawo”, “Prostitution” and “Hookup” were already trending on twitter. Something we think is trivially record breaking. What indulged our interest at mcBLOG was simple. These trends (i.e “Ashawo”, “Prostitution” and “Hookup” ) kept hold of their positions on twitter for three straight days at First, Second and Third positions respectively. .

In view of this, we asked ourselves what was it about this expose that got people’s interest on the edge.

Well, what we are about to share with you will blow your mind. Team mcBLOG decided to dig deeper into this issue and realised one serious issue, those 21 locations were not just about the only places this activity takes place but rather, at this point, we have come to the conclusion that the next biggest canker spreading it’s tentacles within the country, in every community, after Covid-19 (Corona Virus) is prostitution. our in-depth findings revealed some truths that had been rumoured for a long time that you might not know about. It might even be happening in your next door neighbour’s quarters if you ‘sniff a bit harder’.

So we dispatched our in-house reporters to conduct their findings and submit for publication what is really happening.

Our main focus was to look at where exactly these acts are happening, how they started, and go further to find out what The Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, NGOs as well as what organisations that matter, are doing about it.

This report is arguably Ghana’s most comprehensive on this subject matter and will be treated to a twenty (20) part series to ease up your reading. At the end, you will be highly informed and educated.


It will be very cruel or better put suicidal on our part not to start with the capital city of Ghana, Accra when talking about prostitution. You are free to VISIT THIS LINK to read more about Accra as that is already covered there.




Right across the rail way behind the Achimota Old Station through to the other side, you will see makeshift wooden structures disguised as drinking bars. inside this disguised places are these girls plying the age old profession that seem never ever to go away.

Back in 2006, when a Chinese Business man opened a Night Club where patrons came to watch Mapouka Dances and have fun. The Abofu bus stop and it’s environs was one of the busiest place for these activities but the closure of this Night Club by Former President Kufour due to concerns raised by residents in the Abofu community obviously made them relocate to another area. You will also find them inside the compound of Kary’s Guest House, next to vision 1 93.5 FM, at Toppers Guest House and around the Achimota ECG District Office.


Moonlight You will see them around the Overhead at Moonlight.


Everyday 9pm through to 4am, the Adenta barrier gets turned into a red light district. You will find them standing aimlessly under the newly built overpass, infront of Cheezy Peezy Restaurant, Jessies Pub, MEKO Restaurant and it’s surroundings. The girls here, according to reporters mostly come there from Dodowa, Abokobi, Madina and surrounding communities. Unfortunetely, they are not cheap at all.


GA reporters returned with some pretty hidden revelation about prostitution in Anyaa. It actually happens as a little night market amongst some residents leaving in makeshift buildings built with Wood and aluminium roofing sheets. most of these makeshift are within the Anyaa Market and the edge of it. Unfortunately, Some drug addicts has taken this as an opportunity to rob innocent passersby of their property in case they come there to access the services of these ‘sisters’


ROOM 101 / AC PUB – These places are a bit hidden and shielded from public knowledge because during the day, they serve as real compound homes or houses with legitimate occupants who seem to work an 8am to 5pm job. But in reality they are brothels in disguise, with a mix of real homes housing legitimate families and some few over the counter businesses like provision shop, a drinking bar and a snooker table. The girls here do not go out like their other mates who roam the streets so their charges are mostly manageable. The tricky part is a client can go there anytime of day whether morning, noon or night to get what he wants for as low as 20gh.


Club House : The Club House just around Zongo Lane, A few metres walk or drive from Hot 93.9 FM is where all kinds of Musical instruments and music making machines are sold. This place is awfully a sight to behold in the night. There is actually a place around the Club House where the prostitutes had gone ahead to luminate the path to their dens in red light to inform those who know that they are open for business.

Rawlings Park : For a park named after the first and former late president of Ghana Flt. Lft. Jerry John Rawlings, be used for heavy Prostitution and other criminal activities in plain sight is a shame and utmost indictment on city authorities whom we believe know about this but keeps mute over it. Could this be the reason why Porpular Highlife Musican Akosua Agyepong’s Restaurant no more operate from the Rawlings Park? In the night the rawlings park becomes another form of Red Light zone with several of them spinkled like female watchdog commitees awaiting a client to approach them. You can also find them around the huge five (5) Storey Hotel oposite the mosque after Selva Prime and Opportunity international.

Lava Stores to Makola : GA reporters returned with a shocking revelation of a growing number of girls developing their own kind of red light communities all the way from the porpular LAVA stores towards the Makola Number 1 Stretch. use the Knutsford Street in the night, after the stores had closed. This vicinity gets converted into a whole night market with open air Barber joints, drinking spots, food joints and of course sisters of the night.


Ashaiman Main Police station: Deliberately flying a drone within this area will reveal a vast land of scanty and shanty wooden structures culminating into a “slumhood” of not just buildings used as places of abode by most of the inhabitants here but also a lot of prostitutes, most of whom were brought there from Nigeria. An article we sighted online even before conducting our findings had mentioned that this is the go to place if you are in dire need of surrogate mothers to give you a baby. Team mcBLOG is asking why this is happening right behind a Law enforcement agency like Ghana Police Service but then nothing seems to be done about it. The area covered by these structures and the prostitutes leaving in them could stretch into several kilometres when converted into a single lane apartment. According to reporters. It’s like a whole excursion or better put an expedition when you find yourself in this vicinity.


Ashaiman Main Police station: Deliberately flying a drone within this area will reveal a vast land of scanty and shanty wooden structures culminating into a “slumhood” of not just buildings used as places of abode by most of the inhabitants here but also a lot of prostitutes, most of whom were brought there from Nigeria. An article we sighted online even before conducting our findings had mentioned that this is the go to place if you are in dire need of surrogate mothers to give you a baby. Team mcBLOG is asking why this is happening right behind a Law enforcement agency like Ghana Police Service but then nothing seems to be done about it. The area covered by these structures and the prostitutes leaving in them could stretch into several kilometres when converted into a single lane apartment. According to reporters. It’s like a whole excursion or better put an expedition when you find yourself in this vicinity.



When it comes to prostitution inside Cantonments area, Don’t get it twisted. you will see them standing by the street all the way from St. Thomas Acquinas Secondary School, Just after The Morning Star School, through the roundabout, The Togo Embassy, through to the junction that connects commuters and Pedestrians to the Elwak Stadium strech – Girls here are real choosy and looking for clients with their own cars and enough money to waste in a night.


Just behind the former Boomerang night club (Now Taggetz Night Club) is a four to Five storey hostel being used as a brothel probably without the knowledge of the owner. The girls here are very choosy and of high class. You mostly see their clients come and go in heavy and porche cars. Man they are not cheap at all.

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Late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Circle, Now Kwame Nkrumah Interchange by the kind courtesy of Presidet Mahama, is always referred to as the senior when it comes to prostitution. The reason this is so we do not know. But further checks revealed that Circle, which is luckily the Centre of Accra, is where all these started from.

They ply their trade around Niagara Hotel, Behind Quick Angels and Quick Credit Limited, The Nungua Lorry station, Former Chinese Restaurant, Vienna City Casino and Bar, Cumberland Hotel, The Loom Art Centre and it’s environs.

You can also find them Around and under the Circle interchange and also at a hotel next to the Rex Cinema, Other places includes The NottinGham International Hotel Area. It’s in between The office of The New Patriotic Party headquarters (NPP) and Accra Technical Training Institute (ATTC)



Unlike other communities that has nothing to show for their existence all these years, the American adopted (DC) name for this society does have names like Popular and Awards Winning Reggae Dancehall Musician Samini and Porpular Boxing Champion Ike Bazooka Quartey tagged to its name. But then mcBLOG thinks it’s near pity for Dansoman to allow prostitution to taint it’s name. You will see them “hovering around like Drones” without better pilots from the Dansoman Main Market, through to former Timberland Pub, to the Exhibition roundabout, around Seven Great Princes Academy, across to Mascot hotel and ECG Power station, trickling down to some 2 pubs of which reporters forgot to pick up names all the way to Kit Kat Bar and Night Club.


Darkuman kept clean off our RADAR during this findings until Abrewa Nana Pub and Night Club emerged after Fadama Junction. The presence of this “Genging and Benging” Eatery, Pub and Night Club, has quickly given rise to a mushrooming influx of Hookup Girls who prey on the customers who come to have fun at the Pub and Night Club. The behaviour of the girls here are really unconventional. Park your car and go have. By the time you come back, its as if they have been sent purposefully to be your toy to take home. you will see them standing and awaiting on the owners of the cars parked. They are not really shy at all to make the first approach.


The huge and ever Busy Market as well as that big well populated church (The Mega Church – King of Kings Cathedral, Dome) before the market gives Dome an innocent look. Little will you suspect that a nameless Hotel or Guest House (Least to say) After Abokobi Area Rural Bank and located beside the Block Factory, just before the Dome Railway Line is home to these sisters. in the evening, they jump right out of bed to do brisk business around the Block Factory and also around the Railway Line Area. Reporters also found out that their presence is well felt when you decide to be a bit curious and trudge your way alongside the rails. Either towards Taifa or Towards Achimota.



AMERICAN HOUSE : If most of the states in the United States of America has legalised the “old age profession” under the disguise of regulation, security for it’s practitioners and protection. Must we be surprised to hear that American House, inside East Legon and its environs is gradually becoming a red light district? again Reporters found out that, just when the backyard of the American House building was converted into an entertainment and food fair grounds for the Apocalypse Event. most of the sisters of the night found it meaningful to ply the trade there to lure unsuspecting event goers into using their monies for their purpose as well.

ARTEMUDA – This place is a very popular drinking and pork eatery bar inside East Legon. Driving through the streets from KFC towards the east legon neighbourhood this bar is not hidden at all. Users of this street have gone the extra mile to even term Artemuda the gateway to East Legon , It’s the bar at East Legon Abedi Pele.

COACHES PUB and GUEST HOUSE: In plain site, it’s just your normal PUB and Guest house but Reporters found out that it’s more than that when the sun goes down. All hookers and their clients access the Guest house and use their rooms for their brisk new found business. It’s also rumoured that from 11pm on Friday nights to 2am on saturdays are so fun filled in the PUB. Fun lovers gather there for shows amidst exotic dancers and heavy spenders. Locate this pub and Guest house just few metres behind Knutsford University.

VERBS – a popular drinking spot not far from UPS and approximately seven minutes drive from the University of Ghana. The ladies here need the money too and would sometimes do the chasing once your intentions are clear. But a renovation took VERBS and it’s memories away.

YENKODI BAR AND RESTAURANT : This place is a very popular drinking and eatery joint inside East Legon. After here, you get to join the T-junction that branches any traveler into the plush houses built in this community. in the evenings, what use to be a cozy and fun to be place becomes a baiting spot for these girls most of whom rumour has it that, they come from the campuses of the University of Professional Studies (UPS) and the University of Ghana (UG), Legon. It’s about half a kilometre away from former Porpular footballer and captain of the Black Stars of Ghana, Abedi Pele’s residence.



To hear that Kaneshie does have a little Red Light Community will drop jaws. This is because what Kaneshie is really noted for is it’s huge local market mall. But then just opposite it, close to the Takoradi station is a place reporters wander how it all started. Do not be deceived when you are told that Kaneshie is free from these sisters. Real business is happening there.


It starts right from the Korle Gonno beach resort on beach days and other events held not just at the resort but also the Nordsee Beach Resort which recently added a Night Club to their group of entertainment centre at Korle Gonno. But then these sisters unshamefully lure unsuspecting fun and events goers to access their services. The saddest thing here is if you get too cheap in your request. they could get you into illegal or makeshift structures where their pimps could get and beat you robbing you of your money and other assets. Becareful here.

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Kokomlemle is bedevilled with a whole Hotel being used by the sisters of the night. It’s located right opposite papa’s Pizza a few metres away from the Vodafone Main office. This Hotel is called Birttania Hotel. You can also find them grouped like market women infront of Florenco Gardens Hotel, on the same road as Fidelity Bank, New Town Road. and other host of Hotels and Guest Houses spread accross Kokomlemle.


Musuku: They are spread and scattered all the way from the Musuku bus stop, in front and around Justorch restaurant to the roundabout ajoining Kwabenya to Ashongman Estates.



Lapaz will rate number 2 after Circle if today were to be a day for “Ghana Hookup Awards“. The reason for this is so simple. By the advent of several hotels, guest houses and dark corners, reporters found out that it’s catchment is very active spanning several kilometres of real Red Light activity from mostly 7pm to like 5am. They are spread out from the Abrantie bus stop, under the over opposite Stella’s Restaurant, through to the Nyamekye Tabora bus stop. You can also find them at a drinking spot close to the lapaz New market and the public toilet, as well as Bigot Hotel just opposite Abramte3 Amakye Dede’s Pub.


Find them at the beach, they mostly hang around the restaurants and the Pubs in there. You can also find them at Labadi Maamli Abese.


At Madina, Reporters say they are widespread accross the whole of Madina, At the Madina Markets, The lorry stations, The RedCo Flats area, La-Nkwantanang LA Primary and Basic Schools, Ritz Junction.


New Town is noted for it’s contribution to Ghana’s economy for all kinds of commercial printing materials and services. Little did we know that this extremely busy and highly commutable vicinity, could harbor such activities. Directly opposite the Societe Generale Bank next to House Party Computers is a dusty or muddy route that throws passersby into a house which could best be described as a brothel. even if you do not know of the presence of such an activity in this place, the mere fact that the sisters are the ones who invites you into their tiny cubicles if you happen to accidentally use that route is enough to raise the red flags about an established red light business happening there. check out DaWaDaWa Link.


After dropping from the Nungua last stop station, Bro! look no further than just start walking as if you going towards Sakumono or Nungua barrier. On your way you will see most of these sisters either standing, walking or roaming the streets. They mostly stand infront of the Italian boy PUB, Abrefi spot all the way to the bridge that climbs over a big gutter currently being used as a refuse dump. GA Reporters even mentioned that a Guest house beside the gutter as well as the bridge is used for the purpose for which these girls find themselves in that area.

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Over here, reporters claim they nearly got attacked by the heavy presence of Weed guys whose presence made it imposible to talk to some of the hookup girls there to ascertain the truth if really Odorkor is a bane for these acts. You will find them right from the Odorkor traffic light all the way to Water Works bus stop


Danquah Circle, Koala shopping Mall, Fidelity Bank, Adjoatse Street,, all the way to the Ebenezer Church. You can also sse them inside Fridays Drinking Spot just behind the Filling station at Danquah Circle main bus stop. They have gone ahead to ignore the presence of the holy building belonging to the Pentecost Church of Ghana and even used their front view for these activities.


The Timber Market at Pokuase has gradually become an attractive spot for prostitution and reporters say their findings points to the fact that the newly built four (4) tier interchange may even escalate the issue very soon. As time eroded, the timber market has slowly culminated into some form of slum that allows drug peddlers to also conduct their business there.

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Spintex, over the years has become a highly placed and situated community for massive prostitution due to the fact that a lot of Pubs, Night Clubs and Hotels have sprung up in the area, The red Light business, according to reports mentions Kotobabi and the Ecobank area as where these “illegal services” happens.



They are heavily present along the roadside from Tabora number 2, 3 and 6 Bus stops. At Tabora number 6, you can find them at Risdot Guest House. Looks like they have successfully ended up in converting Risdot Guest House into a kind of a mini Brothel, probably without the knowledge of the Owner.


Reporters say you can find them around the GroovyLand Guest House Area. Just behind the Block Factory at Taifa Junction. Reporters say this is where the services of these girls are offered at charges not so expensive to break the pocket. You will mostly find them seated at the bar awaiting on men to approach them. It’s where everything begins.


Teshie Tsui Bleoo is the location where such activities takes place. Our reporters are still gathering more info and will soon be updated when such information becomes available.

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Ssnit Flats: They are present Also at the Sakumono SSNIT Flats area as well as, the Sakumono Estate Junction, C&J Medicare Hospital, Ramsar Towers on the Sakumono Broadway Street. You can also find them at the Titanic Beach after Sakumono Township.


There are places around tema in comm 8, 11 and 1 that makes it easy to find hookup girls. reporters found it a bit difficult getting locations here but the few they got is enough to ignite some form of interest.

Community 8: Find them on the 5th Avenue Street, St. Joseph The Worker Catholic Church area, through Datus Complex Schools area,


Choice Bus Stop : Prostitutes have also turned the Choice Bus Stop and it’s surrounding places at Weija into a red Light District as well. You will see them standing around Channel’s London Bar, The Choice Bus Stop, Prudential Bank Ltd, Eddy,s Pizza and Former Global Cinemas, Now Functions GH.


SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes | www.mcmultimedia.biz

PHOTO CREDIT : Photo by Evelyn Chong from Pexels


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