This story, The Best Part Of A Worst Taboo is the award winning story for the 2008 “The Magnificent Award Project…” The Author, at a very young age, has very wild dreams and aspirations to be the best and the first youngest award winner of the Noble Peace Prize Award for Literature. Below is the full story.

“It is a taboo for a War- Queen to trust and make the trusted person aware of her trust. It is a taboo to own a secret place outside your land. It is unwise for a War-Queen or War-lady to have a best friend. Women, the worst taboo of your land is to have anything to do with an “alzien” Be wise rulers.” These are the first and the most important taboos I learnt. They have been in my head all my life but their existence have not been able to prevent me from committing the worst

taboos of “Bonceeta”.As a War-Queen, I have not lied and I have not spoken the truth. As I lay on the battle field, with my honourable sword ready to put me to death since I cannot let the enemy put me to death, I wish to send this message to my people. A message and a secret I hope to tell people. Do not worry over the departure of your brave War-Queen, for the battle is not over. I have left behind a surprise for our ancestral enemies, the “Wzlngas” Especially, for their wicked War-Queen Zumzi. This surprise is a soul from me. A soul I produced by breaking the worst taboos of “Bonceeta”. A soul from an “alzien” and a War-Queen. The only War-Lord who was worshipped by the greatest sorcerer of our time. This War-Lord will save not only “Bonceeta” but also the Island of “Gahnafrik.” He is and will be the greatest on this

Island. He is “Threslex-Amz” The first, the thirteenth and the twenty fifth. Seventy two (72) years ago… In the proud land of “Bonceeta” where I live a great woman of our land departed. War-Queen Flecrexiz died at war. She was my mother so I was to take over and stand by my father, Dazbey-Ub at war when I was twenty (20). I was seventeen years by then. My dad was eighty four and was in his sixtieth year of kingship. My mum was in her eighties when she died. My name is “Elzibez-Ub”, the daughter of War-King “Dazbey-Ub”. Soon, I will be known as War-Queen “Elzibez” or queen “Lithza” since “Lithza” was the title of our queens. Soon, I will also continue the fight against our ancestral enemies, The “Wzlngas” and their oldest War-Queen “Zumzi”. As an up-coming War-Queen pouring libation, hunting, having my “war hood”, “royal hood” and history lessons make my day. I sometimes go for a swim in the friendliness and beauty of River “Cemhoxiv”, the mother of all rivers in the Island of “Gahnafrik”. I have no friends because it is a vice for a War-Queen to have a friend. Other princesses from the smaller states of “Bonceeta” also live in the palace now because they are also undergoing teachings and processes that will make them War-Ladies. It is a vice for them also to have friends but since they are princesses of the same standard, they are able to befriend themselves. I am a princess of a higher standard so I strictly cannot befriend anyone. I sometimes envied these other princesses but I was not bored. One warm afternoon when the sun was patiently crossing the sky, I was as usual moulding an image with clay in my quarters when one of the princesses (Pre-War Ladies) humbly but bravely approached me. She shyly expressed her admiration for my arts and

offered herself to be my student. I knew she wanted to be my friend but she dared not to ask for the friendship of a Pre-War Queen. I quickly accepted her because I never dreamt of having someone to ask for my friendship. We became partners, not friends.This daring by the name “Yvetlez” whom I called “Vetlez” privately won my trust. Having “Vetlez” as a friend was the first taboo I broke. I broke another one when I trusted her but there was a best part of it. I was happy because I had a friend. Not long after breaking the first taboo I broke another important one. I discovered a secret cave while hunting in the forest one morning and I made it my secret place where I sometimes spent my leisure. I made it my home and it was wonderful being there “Vetlez” never new about my pretty discovery.

One scorching afternoon, “Vetlez” and I decided to go to the beauty of River “Cemhoxiv” for relaxation. I first went out of the palace with three maids and later “Vetlez” sneaked out and joined us. We took a happy stroll to the river, exchanging greetings with elders and receiving greetings with bows from my own age mates on our way.”Our culture is very beautiful, isn’t it?” “Vetlez” asked, “It’s wonderful” I said.”This town is so great. The people are lovely and beautiful. This is the best town of “Bonceeta” she commented “Maybe you’ve forgotten that this is the capital of “Bonceeta” Most importantly, the seat of the paramount chief is here” I reminded her and then quickly continued dramatically “I have loved this town and its people as taught by my parents and I am ever ready to spill blood for it” “You are the best heroine these people will be having very soon.” My mother, War-Lady “Vequerezix” once told me, you are nothing different from late War- Queen “Flecrexiz”, the eighteenth (18) “Lithza” of “Bonceeta”. She was so kind, caring and understanding

but brave, strict and principled.” Vetlez said. The ending words of “Veltez’s” statement opened the doors of my good and bad memories. The memories of my must loved female. This created quite long silence that eventually broke.

“So, what taboo do you intend breaking when you become a War-Lady?” I asked humorously. She was surprised but tickled by the question, so both of us broke into laughter. At the riverside, we had a wonderful swimming experience, ate wild fruits, drank coconut juice and some played some traditional games. As we lay on our relaxing mat, we both  closed our eyes to relax our minds. Suddenly, a “kapwix” bird drew my attention by making a sound that disturbed me but “Vetlez” who was lying by my side seemed unbothered. I quickly grabbed my catapult and aimed at the bird. As I was about to give a shot, I saw something run through the nearby bushes. That thing looked like an “alzien” but I disbelieved what I was thinking because I secretly did not believe the existence of any other breeds of humans called “alzien”. But then, I could not control my curiosity and that made me lie. That uncontrollable curiosity made me broke another taboo.

“Vetlez, I just saw a grasscutter run by, I want to go and hunt it but alone ” I lied. From “veltez’s” look I realised she had smelled a rat.”But my Pre- War queen, it’s unsafe” one of the servants protested humbly. “I insist I hunt alone. It is an order” I said quite rudely. “Vetlez” being a friend and a princess but of a lower authority than I was, also had no option than to obey my orders. I also gave out the orders in a tone that was unusual of me and this also left them with no

option than to obey I dried myself, got dressed with my cloth, beads, ornaments, got armed and headed towards the forest. As I walked closer to where I thought I saw an ”alzien” I surprisingly saw foot print and drops of blood on the quite wet ground. These things did not terrify me as a Pre-War Queen but then the thought of whom they belonged to sprinkled a spice of fear on my half steaming heart. I sensed the “alzien”, or who ever it was very near so I decided to give a chase. Following the footprint made it easy to catch up. Not far from where I began my chase, close to where my secret cave was, I saw who that fellow was. It was what I thought I was wrong about. It was an “alzien”. I had committed another taboo but this time, the worst one. This was my fourth taboo, not too far from second one I committed. Just then, I begun to count the taboos I have committed and how serious they are. The first was my friend, the second was my cave, the third was the lie and the fourth is – the “alzien”. My head was full of different thoughts and my body was full of different feelings.

Among the dozens of thoughts was the description grand “Imax”, my history teacher gave me about “alziens”.

“They are exactly like humans but different. They have an abnormal skin colour that is forbidden the Sun god. Their skin is soft and silky. Their eyes are either as bluish as the sky or greenish as that of a cat. They have black or brown hair color. They look harmless, but they are taboos”. He ended.Just then the “alzien” turned to my face me. Its human hands were firmly covering a wound it had secured around its ribs. It was the most handsome and charming creature or human I have ever seen. Its bluish eyes were glittering of innocence, but I noticed the pain in them a few seconds after. It was having neatly curved red lips and it was well-built. the “alzien” from look was as old as me or a little older. Then the worst began. I felt my heart in my mouth when it faced me completely. It was a He. He was a naked “alzien” male. I fought with the scream that gathered in my throat and tried escaping through my mouth. I swallowed hard and spoke bravely but with some sort of panic. “What brings you to the land of “Bonceeta”?” I asked unwelcomingly. I almost had a panic attack after the statement. ”I, I, I am…” he left unfinished and dropped unconscious. I almost dropped unconscious myself seeing the manhood of my age mate lay unhidden. seeing something I even doubt existed. It was like a nightmare and I just wished that, I would snap out of it soon. I felt my legs too weak to carry me. my hands were shivering uncontrollably. I dropped to my knees I was more confused than I have ever been. I just wished that I could dig out my confused brain from my skull and cool it with fast running stream water. None of this was possible. Thoughts and questions was the stream that flow through my confused mind.”What do I do?” “Should I help this taboo of an “alzien”?” “Is he really a curse?”

These and so many other series of questions kept racing through my head. Then, I boldly decided to commit another taboo.

“War-Kings and War-Lords of “Bonceeta”, War-Queen and War-Ladies of our land, please forgive your unwise daughter. She has decided to help an alzien who she knows is a taboo but believes might be from you. Bless me, my ancestors, only if my childish decision is right but forgive me if my decision is wrong. For the sake of our emblem, mercy, bravery and hospitality, “Apriz” I prayed. “Apriz” is a word we use to end the type of prayer I just recited. This was the first time I had recited such a prayer. After the prayer, I walked toward the half dead naked “alzien”. Again I swallowed hard, closed my eyes and tried holding his wrist to see if he is alive. I quickly redrew when my thumb first touched his skin. His skin was as silky as that of a dressed chicken. I stood still for a while and gathered more courage, then I held his wrist. Fortunately, he was alive but unfortunately, I had to carry him to a safer place where I could dress his wounds without anyone seeing me. The only safe place that came to my mind was my secret cave which was not far from where the unconscious “alzien” and I was. I removed my outer cover cloth leaving only my inner cover cloth on and almost freezed with shame because

I felt naked. I tied the cloth around the waist of the unconscious “alzien’ but in the process, my hand accidentally brushed his manhood and I almost screamed. I felt disgusting but not as disgusting as I felt when I carried this unconscious naked male to my secret cave. In the cave, I made a fire and boiled some water to clean his wounds. I also cooked some ripen plantains and as soon as it was ready, the “alzien’ regained consciousness. I put herbs on his wounds and tied them neatly and after that offered him some coconut juice before his meal. He drank hastily and ate hungrily but I enjoyed watching him eat without manners since I had never seen anyone eat like that before. How are you feeling now? I asked with a more caring voice now. “I am the luckiest soul to earn your mercy and hospitality. Miss I owe you my life” he said politely but in pain. “So who are you?” I asked gently but with a sense of curiosity. Very much of controlled curiosity. “I am Andalite Ron, from West America. I was on the ship that crashed on this Island some weeks ago. The survivors of the crash were held hostage by the “Wzlngas” and I was one of them. The “Wzlngas” slaughtered us one after the other for their meals and sacrifices. I was to be slaughtered tomorrow but I managed to escape. I had these wounds as a result of their cuts. They cut their victims to taste their blood. Their War Queen demanded for my heart this morning and that was how they realized I have escaped. I was chased till I got to your territory then they retreated but I heard one of them say that I would not survive the injuries. Faith being kind sent you to my aid and thanks to you, I am alive.” He narrated shortly, but still in pain. “The Queen of the “Wzlngas” is the oldest, ugliest and strongest War Queen that ever existed on this Island. You are very lucky to have been able to escape from her paws” I told him.We talked about myself, my town, my people and what we believe especially about their  breed of humans (whites). He spoke my tongue quiet easily. I begun liking him but I knew it was something a little more than that. I felt better when we talked longer. All my fear was gone. It was getting to sunset so I told him I had to go back to my friend and maids at the riverside. I also assured him that he could stay and hide in my cave. I promised to bring him food everyday. He thanked me gratefully till none was left. He even hugged me without thinking and that was my best experience. Even though his arms were wounded and bandaged, they were so warm and a strange feeling climbed up from my knees to my stomach, heart and breast. This strange feeling was wonderful and I

wished it never ceased. I got stiff with tense because I had never hugged a stranger before and much more, a male of my age. The only males I have ever hugged is my dad, War king Dazbey-Ub and my uncle War-Lord Nezbey-Ub. I shook off the feeling and left the cave and Andalite. On my way to the riverside, I could not believe all these had happened before sunset. I also could not help thinking about the hug. Many funny but pleasant thoughts and feelings raced through my mind and body throughout my journey to the riverside. In a twinkle of an eye, “Vetlez”, my servants and the river came to sight. When I got there, I almost burst with laughter. Their faces were as white as that of a corpse and their worried look made them look like clowns. One of the servants was crying and this made her nose red. I bit my lower lip hard enough to stop me from laughing but “Vetlez” saw the laughter in my eyes. She also saw that there was some thing both right and wrong that I was hiding within myself. Her look betrayed her thoughts but I ignored them and lied confidently. We headed home together but parted when we almost got to the palace. “Vetlez” sneaked back into the palace and I went to my father to greet him. “Vetlez” was good at sneaking in and out. Fortunately, my dad did not ask questions but later that evening, “Vetlez” came to my quarters and asked me series of questions, she being my trusted friend swore to keep my secrets so I let them out. I told her about my encounter with the “alzien”: Everything. Days after that evening, I sneaked out of the palace either alone or with “Vetlez” and went to my secret cave. I had to sneak out because going out formally will have to have me go with my servants. Sneaking out with “Vetlez” was the safest I believed. As time went by, I helplessly fell in love with Andalite. Andalite and I became lovers. We cherished each other so much. No soul knew about Andalite or the love affair between us except “Vetlez.”At the age of twenty (20), I was no virgin but I was a War Queen. When I returned from my second war against “Wzlngas”, I realized that I had not gone through what Andalite calls menstruation for the second month. I had not discharged monthly blood of “bloxdif” the blood goddess. This meant that the blood goddess had given me a child instead of blood. I was pregnant. For Andalite. What was going to happen to me? I was confused but then, my secret best friend, “Vetlez”, came to my aid. She helped me plan a lie that will keep me away from home for the next nine to ten months to enable me deliver secretly. My dad was very old by then and he believed that I would not let him down by staying away longer than I required. It was like magic how my dad gave his permission. I went to a town called “Lethdee” where no one knew that I was the famous War Queen “Elzibez”. After some months, I laboured one fine morning and gave birth to a baby boy. I delivered in the month of “Nonwexier” which Andalite calls November.That faithful morning was the happiest day of my life and that of Andalite and “Vetlez”. The smiles on their faces were something that I never forget. My son was a strange being. His skin colour was like the colour of a dry grass and his eye balls were pale white. He was simply adorable. A tiny adorable War – King. Two months after I delivered, “Vetlez” and I were getting ready to go back home when we had the strangest but most honourable visit. This was a visit from “Magsoroccer” the legend and greatest sorcerer of our time. She worshipped my son by bowing three times before him. She then began to read my fortune and that of “Bonceeta” to me. She said that I would die at war when I was eighty nine (89) years old. She explained why I could not resist the temptation of committing numerous taboos. She named my son and gave him a sword as a present….Now my people, I have told my story. I can now die peacefully. I have not lied nor told the truth. I have loved and fought many wars for my people. But now, I am too old, wounded and weak to fight. As I lay here with seconds away from death, I will say my last wishes. I wish to see Andalite, Vetlez and my parents who have departed in the next world. I am happy to die brave and by my sword. I have broken not only taboos, but the worst ones. These worst taboos have best parts. I am glad to discover the best parts. The best part is the delivery of a saviour. The War-King and saviour that will save not only “Bonceeta” but this endangered Island. He is a surprise I have left behind for War Queen Zumzi. I am departing my people, but I have not left you with nothing. I have left you a War King created from two breeds of humans. He is Threslex–Amz, the first, the thirteenth and the twenty-fifth. He should be used, never abused because he can’t be refused. He will end our ancestral fight and leave the enemy confused.

(By: Elizabeth Dzovor)

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