When Zalia Abbass, a budding actress from Ghana was invited by Writer / Director of M.I.S to play Dorinda, a close companion to Clara the Antagonist of the movie. Little did she know she will be made to shoot a scene with a fictional tech Gadget called the Funnel listener. According to the creator of this Gadget, it is very funny to see one wear it but it’s capabilities is way beyond the imagination of the actors and actresses in the world of Kelvin Dodzi Amewu’s next film titled M.I.S, the future school.

It is the funnel listener Vrinda (The Spy) uses to help her friends Clara and Dorinda truly discover what their opponent Jessica is up to. In the mist of all the agitations and distractions from the automobiles on the street that devides them, Dorinda Quayefioo, with the help of their new found friend, still uses the Funnel Listener to clearly produce the exact conversation that ensues between Jessicca and her team.

This iconic gadget has a lot to offer to the plot of the movie and therefore should be loved by the viewer who will have the opportunity to see the movie in order to judge for themselves what it actually does and how fictionally the actors use it to bring some level of reality to the movie.

Now the question is: Will the Funnel Listener ever get an invention from the scientific community. May be yes. May be no. But which either way. It has already been demonstrated by Dorinda in M.I.S.  


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