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View+ is a Pay To View platform designed for trendy viewers who love to carry their entertainment wherever they go. View+ delivers quality and original video content to viewers in Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world. Access in 177+ Countries. 99% of contents on the platform are originally produced and owned by it’s Creators, Partners and Investors…

Contents available comprise Movies, Series, Skits, Comedy, Music Videos, Dance Videos, Sports Shows + More

Android users should search View+ or ViewPlus on the Google Playstore to download the app. iPhone and Huawei users can watch via all they have to do is to use safari browser or any other browser like CHROME or OPERA to connect. We are working to include The app on IOS App Store, Huawei App Gallery and Samsung APP Gallery in the future. You can also watch VIEW+on your Tablet, PC or any smartTV. We are working to include it in more platforms like Smart Watch, Xbox, Chromecast as well.


Get access to originally produced skits and comedy on View+ with the most creative and engaging titles and contents. Are you on a tight internet data budget? then our 2 – 5 minutes skits and comedy are perfect to get you going. No more boredom when you travel, visit a family member or even getting squared in the can. Try View+ and see. We promise you will come back for more. Because the fun here never stops.

The movie section presents a wow factor and cinematic feel from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. We are creatively curating for you, movies we know you will love to watch again and again and again.

Our series section brings to life, MC MULTIMEDIA’s very own ACTION PACKED and suspense-filled Franchise: GAMERS PARADISE + Other titles that will leave you calling for more.

Make a date with The Patrick and the Chibuku TV crew in this Hilariously amplified home of Satire, Mock interviews, Pranks and Deliberate Situations carved out of the Creative prowess of it’s host and the talents featured on this show. You just will love to watch over and over and over.

Travel with your favourite video playlist wherever you go. from Highlife, Hiplife to Hip Hop. Dance Hall to Reggae, Traditional Music to Afrobeats, Gospel, Inpirational + more. View+ got you covered.

Keepfit, Exercise and Sports for that matter are very important. so we decided to curate the best rare sporting moments from Ghana and the rest of Africa. This channel brings you the best Rare Sports. From the likes of Alikoto, Ampe, Tuu Ni Matu, Julor Ke Police, Kpitinge, Tsaanii and all the Rare sports you can think of, The Rare Sports Department is here to bring something different to your viewing pleasure. What more, It’s highly entertaining and engaging.

If paying for contents is not your thing, we’ve curated some contents on our free channel, limited in number though but enough to ignite your interest on what to expect on the other side of View+, the premiere side we mean.

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