What Victoria Kimani said about Sarkodie, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates will shock you

During an interview session with DJ Edu on This is Africa, a new African music-oriented show on BBC, The Kenyan singer cum songwriter narrating her story, told BBC about how she loves to work with Ghana’s rapper Sarkodie. According to Victoria Kimani, working with Sarkodie is very interesting. She goes on further to endorse Sarkodie as the most unproblematic artist and true king of Rap Music.

Victoria Kimani has three songs with Sarkodie:

  1. All Night – Sarkodie ft. Victoria Kimani
  2. Giving You – Victoria Kimani ft. Sarkodie
  3. Wash It – Victoria Kimani ft. Sarkodie

“Working with him is interesting. It is like we have three records together and we have never been in the studio together actually” She said laughing.

“Every time I send him a record… He sends it right back, laces it, I never have to ask him to redo anything obviously cos’ he’s just the king like that. He puts a hundred ten percent ( %110 ) in. He is like the most unproblematic artist I have ever collaborated with. And we gonna do a lot more as well” She added.

A further discussion about Wash it, A track that features Sarkodie, DJ Edu (The Afro Boss) asked her why she mentions and promotes big brands like Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Ferrari, and Luminati in her songs. The singer ironically dates and relates this to the dark days of slavery in Africa, according to miss Kimani, she thinks black musicians like her use the names of these big brands in their music as a sense of belonging and flashy lifestyle. she referenced Billionaires like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who have what it takes to wear clothes from these big brands but choose to wear just T-Shirts in public.

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